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teen magazine that allows young girls to beBBD试题分析1.细节题题干:下列四类杂志中哪一类最适合4岁儿童?选B 答案依据:Sorts

Traditionally,across the world,boys and girls8-11 CCAB8题答案:C考查细节推理,根据文章第二段的…helped develop their emotional expressiveness,rather&

each year.Besides Boy's Day,they also have GirlGirl's Day is a girls'festival on March 3rd.It is also called the Doll's Festival because on that day,families get a set of

so quickly!We become mature(成熟的) girls orbecome mature(成熟的) girls or boys,or at least we think (41)___ we are.At the same time,our parents are no longer young.The

KBG84 is a one-of-a-kind girl band in Japanstay in the shade when it's too hot.I don't.want to get burnt.I have to take care of my skin-I'm still young at heart!

英语阅读理解Young Koreans are beginning to do it这篇文章有些难度,尤其是对于你初一上初二的学生来说.这篇文章的难度相当于中考.中心意思是:

PSY has just become the most watched video on小题1:B小题2:C小题3:C小题4:A小题5:B

Boys'schools are the perfect place to teach young63.C.细节理解题.根据文章第一段Boys'schools are the perfect place to teach young men to express their emotions and

Time flies! We become mature(成熟的) girls or boysWe become mature(成熟的) girls or boys, or at least we1 we are. At the same time, our parents are no longer young. They

Michel is a young girl who work for the police1as.2.catch3.so4.handwriting5.studying6.finishing7.another8.important9.most10.by11.

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