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There be句型造句并翻译(5个肯定5个否定)1 There is a police station near my house 有一个警察局在我家附近 2 There is a bookstore near my home 有一

用there be句型造句 还要翻译there is a monster in my room.我屋里有怪兽!!= = there are many bills in my pocket.我兜里有不少钱.

therebe句型造句一、 注意事项: 1 there be 结构中的be 是可以运用各种时态的.  There is going to be

英语老师布置了作业,用therebe句型造句并翻译.单数三There are trees in the school.There are rules on the desk.There are birds in the

There be 句型造句。(翻译成英语)there be 网络 有; 存在句; 结构; 某处有某物; 句型 1 How can there be things as such? 哪会有这种事? 2

therebe句型造句带翻译There is a girl in our classroom.我们的教室里有一个女孩 There are some pictures on the wall墙上有一些画 There

用there be句型造句并翻译。单数三个,复数三个。(急急there is an apple. 那儿有一个苹果。 there is a beautiful girl. 那里有个漂亮的小姑娘。 there is a star in

用There be造句,加上翻译There are some special days in A pril.在四月有一些特殊的日子。

用there be 句型造句要4句there be 句型造句: There are many people on the street these days.(这几天街上有好多人) There are so much | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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